Supporting Outsiders Anonymous

You won’t find any brands here, just high-quality fitness equipment because we believe that YOU are the most important thing in your gym. 

You see, we don’t care if you know who we are… we are just trying to find a way to fund our true passion – Outsiders Anonymous. In fact, 100% of all proceeds go directly towards a free gym for anyone in recovery that wants to live an active, sober life. 

We contract, in most cases, with the same manufacturers that produce the equipment you might see on TV or pay much, much more for. As long as a manufacturer meets our standards, we are able to reduce our costs without the customization that comes with the branding of equipment… and that means you will pay less as well. 

Right now we have a very small crew making everything work, so we are only delivering locally in the Austin/San Antonio area. But we’ll make sure you get your items within days – hours in some cases!

Thank you for your support. Not only are you making a decision to change your life, but you are changing the lives of many others as well